We’re a collective of coffee obsessed, strategic marketers. The kind that live and breathe your brand. We cater to big and small business, budding entrepreneurs, start ups and everyone in between. We are solely motivated by seeing you and your brand thrive.



We work as an extension of your team to understand and develop strategic design and digital solutions, all the while remaining nimble and focused on the best solution for your business.


We are passionate about seeing brands and the people behind them succeed. Our success is your success. We genuinely believe in working together and going above and beyond to achieve compelling, creative brand solutions that drive profitable growth.


When you work with us, you can expect to feel welcomed, respected, listened to and cared for. We might not be big, but we are bold, offering bespoke solutions to your brand needs.

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“They’ve got a strong B2B skill set, unlike other agencies – ‘anyone can produce television commercials, with them there’s no fluff, no BS, just good value”

Neil Mathias, Ekologix


It’s all about you

Our team of adaptable thinkers is constantly looking for ways of making brands better, designing bespoke strategies and campaigns that are sustainable and meaningful to your customers.

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We’re ready when you are

We are a team of talented individuals each with something different to offer. We have a community of in-house and external resources who are experienced and capable. Our business model gives us the opportunity to ramp up quickly whilst being agile. We pool the appropriate resources to deliver any project, no matter the size or how quickly it needs to be delivered.

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Giving a sh*t

At the end of the day, we’re a family business and we care about our people as much as we care about you and your customers. We’re passionate when it comes to shaping sustainable brand outcomes – Our diverse experience means we bring different perspectives all under the one roof.

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“The Shape Group understand the client’s brand, they take a partnership and strategy growth approach – they fill the gaps and knowledge from traditional marketing to new frontiers.”

Aaron Hollingworth, Pinnacle

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Murray - strategy sensei & extreme coffee lover

Kicking off his career in fashion, Murray was a leader at one of Australia’s most iconic brands, Country Road. He was responsible for the launch of its menswear collection where he developed a deep understanding and appreciation of what make brands thrive.

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Gloria - digital doyen & fashionista

Gloria has a depth of experience in both business to customer and business to business marketing. Our absolute expert in demystifying digital - Gloria is known for strategizing, conceptualising and creating bespoke digital and integrated TTL solutions for any business.

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Mac - web wizard & logic lover

Mac has grown up in The Shape Group. As a graduate in Commerce and Business Systems he brings a strong sense of logic, brand longevity and value creation to not only The Shape Group, but our clients and their customers.

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Daniela – queen of lead generation and awesome chef

Dee deeply understands our clients, their products, their customers and how to cut through the clutter. She pushes down barriers and won’t take no for an answer when implementing lead generation campaigns and when conducting lead generation activities.

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Ofer describes himself as an outgoing, adaptable and creative individual that never shies away from a challenge – we agree! He’s client facing and manages a vastly wide variety of technical and creative projects – always ensuring on time and on budget delivery.

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Hannah – resident lover of all things birds

Hannah drives the digital marketing for our much loved (in-house) client Metalbird. She is an expert at creating captivating captions and hashtags, managing our 12 month marketing plan including eDMs to our 10,000 strong database, social media posts and advertising and customer service.

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Sarah – Classy cold caller and fitness guru

Sarah is a lead generator understanding how to connect with customers, no matter the industry. She’s strong and strong willed and set the sport and fitness goal high for the team when she participated in and survived a grueling fund raising bike ride from Melbourne to Sydney.

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Angela – The newest member of our team

Angela has returned to the workforce with a vengeance after raising two young girls. Her role as bookkeeper is to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and make sure everything balances at the end of each week, month and year.

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Sam – head of logistics and finance

Sam is a key member of our team, ruling with a smile and a stick! Sam brings a strong sense of logic and laughter to the team and covers lots of bases. We joke about the fact that she doesn’t have a job description, it’s too wide and varied to describe!

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Everything we do for all our clients is with a strategy in mind.

Design underpins all creative executions across all platforms.

Every business needs a digital eco-system that shapes their communications.

‘Content is King’ – an overdone saying but still true!

Video is the most powerful way to engage with your audience.

Not as complex as people make out when you have the right tools and skills.